Star knob nut type SGLBM 40 without cap  
The star knob nut has a head made of PA6, with injected brass insert, blind hole, without cap  

Colour: black
minimum quantity: 500 pcs.

Colour: white, silvergrey
minimum quantity: 3.000 pcs.

special colours, sizes and stainless steel thread upon request

specification - legend  
A head-diameter A  
B threadxdepth  
C head height B  
D shaft height C  
E shaft diameter D price € per 100 pcs.

SGLBM40 M 6   40  M6x9  10  10  18  1 x 'SGLBM40 M 6' order
SGLBM40 M 8   40  M 8x12  10  10  18  1 x 'SGLBM40 M 8' order

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