Protecting caps for hexagon nuts and screws, outside round  
Protecting caps for hexagon, similar to a cap nut  

material: polyethylene

minimum quantity: 100/500 pcs.

standardcolours: black, white, silvergrey

special colours, special sizes and models for hexagon cover caps upon request


specification - legend  
A hexagon size SW  
B fits for  
C outside height h

price € per 100 pcs.


Please notice: The * pointed sizes of hexagon cover caps are only available in colour black and grey. Colour white upon request!

SRM 4SW7   SW7  M4  8  1 x 'SRM 4SW7' order
SRM 5SW8   SW8  M5  10  1 x 'SRM 5SW8' order
SRM 6SW10   SW10  M6  12  1 x 'SRM 6SW10' order
SRM 8SW13   SW13  M 8  15  1 x 'SRM 8SW13' order
SRM10SW16   SW16  M10  19  1 x 'SRM10SW16' order
SRM10SW17   SW17  M10  19  1 x 'SRM10SW17' order
SRM12SW(18Farbe)   SW18  M12  20  1 x 'SRM12SW(18Farbe)' order
SRM12SW19   SW19  M12  20  1 x 'SRM12SW19' order
SRM14SW22   SW22  M14  23,5  1 x 'SRM14SW22' order
SRM16SW24   SW24  M16  26  1 x 'SRM16SW24' order
SRM18SW27*   SW27  M18  30  1 x 'SRM18SW27*' order
SRM20SW30   SW30  M20  32,5  1 x 'SRM20SW30' order
SRM22SW32*   SW32  M22  36  1 x 'SRM22SW32*' order
SRM22SW34*   SW34  M22  36  1 x 'SRM22SW34*' order
SRM24SW36   SW36  M24  38,5  1 x 'SRM24SW36' order
SRM27SW41*   SW41  M27  46,5  1 x 'SRM27SW41*' order
SRM27SW42*   SW42  M27  46,5  1 x 'SRM27SW42*' order
SRM30SW46   SW46  M30  50  1 x 'SRM30SW46' order

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