Flat caps made of soft-PVC  
To cover flat steel, deliverable in straight or angle design. The slip-on-caps are manufactured of soft PVC by dipping method.  

material: soft pvc

minimum quantity: depends on size

standard colours: black, white, silvergrey



For all parts which are produced by this method we must reserve ourselves a tolerance in length
of +/-1,5mm and in wall thickness of +/-0,5mm.

special colours, special sizes and models upon request


specification - legend  
inside measurements  
inside length  
minimum quantity

 price € per 100 pcs. 


Flach2x20x35   2,0x20,0  35  500  1 x 'Flach2x20x35' order
Flach3x14x35   3,0x14,0  35  1000  1 x 'Flach3x14x35' order
Flach3x30x50   3,0x30,0  50  800  1 x 'Flach3x30x50' order
Flach4x20x20   4,0x20,0  20  1000  1 x 'Flach4x20x20' order
Flach4x20x40   4,0x20,0  40  1000  1 x 'Flach4x20x40' order

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